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Number: 1040
Type: van 250 tot 399 ton

General information

Certificates: CVO 2024
Number rijn: 02315258
Dimensions: 38.98 x 5.07 x 2.53
Tons: 364
Year of construction: 1963
Shipyard: De Durme Tielrode
Dim. head: 1 x 10,92 x 3,86 1 x 10,49 x 3,86
Volume: 390
Floor ceiling: Staal
Trimvulling: yes
Semibeun: no
Beun: no
Hatch cover: Friese kap met elektrische RVS luikenwagen
Wheelh. mat.: Teak
Detachable: yes
Height w.o. ballast: 4.0


Lodigin back: Entrance, Kitchen, Bathroom with toilet, living, 2 bedrooms. Central heating system and Airco, make LG
Lodging front: Washer / Dryer combination, sink, build in closets and build in bed.

Technical information

Engine 1 Brand: Scania
Engine 1 Type: DS11
Engine 1 HP: 240
Engine 1 Rpm: 1800
Engine 1 Year of construction: 1980
Engine 1 Revision: 2013
Engine 1 Remark: 10.000 uur na revisie 2013
Gear 1 Brand: TwinDisc
Gear 1 Type: MG-512
Gear 1 Reduction: 4,4:1
Generator 1 Brand: Lister
Generator 1 Type: 2LPWA
Generator 1 Kva: 7.5
Generator 1 Year of construction: 2010
Generator 2 Kva: 5.0
Bow thruster manuf.: Kalkman
System: Stuurrooster
Year: 2017
Steering gear manuf.: Fraeijenhove
System: Hand/Elektrisch
Rudders: 2
Propeller: Brons 4-blads
Prop. backup: Ja aluminium 4-blads
Nozzle: geen

Wheelh. facilities

Nautical_equipment: 2x VHF Sailor rt2048; AIS; Radar RadioHolland RH2014 Bj2016; BAW RadioHolland; Piloot
Winches front: Oliebad elektrisch met verhaalkop
Vehicle crane: Boterman 7m
Gasoil back: 3100
Gasoil front: 450
Water back: 2000
Water front: 400
Specific details: Fast, economic ship. Well maintained. Every 2 years yard inspection. Hul blasted and painted in 2014. Gangways blasted and painted in 2019. Bathroom and toilet renewed in 2015. New 24-volt installation in 2016. In 2016, new bearing bushes for steering and propeller shaft. New radar with scanner on telescopic mast on the fore ship. Spacious engine room.


Asked price: € 98,500
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